Below you will find the outline of basic certification for Novell Networks. While this is just one method of certification, it gives the you the idea of how the process works.

Certification Brief Description
Certified Netware Administrator (CNA) An entry level certification program for administrators of NetWare LANs.
Certified Netware Engineer(CNE) Seven specified exams must be passed to achieve this level of certification. There is more emphasis on the technical nature of LANs, on troubleshooting problems, and on network management systems
Enterprise Certified Netware Engineer(ECNE) Advanced course of study for professional network managers. Ability to correct all problems, especially those of interconnected networks
Certified Netware Instructor To be eligible, you must achieve high grades on the earlier exams. You must pass the course and demonstrate teaching ability. Allows you to teach other courses dealing with certification.

Certification in niche areas can be very useful for networkprofessionals and can help ensure employability or job security. If the number of certified professionals is limited and the certification is seen as credible, individuals certified are likely to be better paid and have above-average levels of job security. People completing certification programs have often found that they are hot commodities and receive numerous job offers. Many companies that harvested the time and money in helping their employees become certified often have to significantly increase the salaries of certified employees if they don't want to lose them to competitors

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