Internet Related Jobs

1.Internet Programmer: Basic skills needed are Cold Fusion/HTML/Firewall/SQL/Internet/Intranet

2.Internet TV Developer: Basic skills needed are java, OO design, RMI, Internet software

3. Internet Systems Administrator: Basic skill needed IP, VPN, Ciso Routers, SET & E-check, 00 Client/Se

4. Internet E-Commerce Manager : Basic Skills needed are Internet application dev. - shopping cart and security

5. Internet Application Developer: Basic Skills needed are JAVA, CORBA, Internet Security. 6. Web Designer: Basic Skills needed are CGI, DHTML, VB, Perl, JAVA

7. Tech. Internet/Intranet Infrastructure Specialist: Basic Skills needed are NT; Unix; MS IIS; MS Site SErver

8. Internet Research Specialist: FTP , internet research.

9. Internet Business Development Manager: Internet Sales.

10. Internet Routing Software Engineer: Experience in develop Internet routing protocols.

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