Information Technology Student Pages

Here you will find links to various pages created by the students of Information Technology 11 and 12. Students go on with the skills learned in this course to study Information Systems, Computer Science, Networking, or Internet programs and animation. Through great creativity and perseverance they create webpages at a "professional" level in these courses, and many go on to do contract work in webpage design and maintenance. It has been a very rewarding experience to work with tomorrow's technology leaders and see them develop their skills in the various areas. Please click on the links below to see their work.

Information Technology 11

Leanne's Model Page Hard House and NRG Diecast Cars Never Ending Games Hayato's Homepage Badminton Page
Wanna Down? k-fam Chad Muska Ta_Boys Mu Palace Fantasy World
Wonderful Zone British Columbia Hotel Site CJ's Poems Papa News

Information Technology 12

Artifex Main Street Education Centre New West Hair Design HomePage Base MS Guided Studies Animation Sensation
English 12 Christina's Site Gai Motorsports Gastown Photo Paris Program MS Accounting 11
Outerspace Landscaping MS Physics 11 Portobello Ristorante Snowboard Cube IDE

Interested in getting a website made by one of these webmasters? Email me at msint12@lycos.comand I will forward your message.