Withdrawal Guidelines

1. Students may not receive a mark of "withdrawal" after 70% of the course is completed.

       · Quartered courses- after 6 weeks

       · Semestered courses- after 12 weeks

       · Summer courses- after 4 weeks

       · Self-paced courses- after 70% if course content (assignments/tests) are completed

2. The mark, will be based on the entire course, including zero for incomplete tests and assignments.

3. Instructors may make exceptions to this policy subject to the approval of the administrator .

4. It is recommended that instructors inform students of their progress and performance in the course by mid-term.

5. Instructors should include a statement on their class outline indicating the last date for withdrawing from the courses.

It is recommended that the students inform their instructor of their intention to withdraw.

The dates will be established at each centre and communicated to staff and students.

(8 June 1999) Submitted by Joint Withdrawal Committee Sandy Dowling Govan Keng Rob McGowan Marilee Schelp