The Internet is changing the way we live. All aspects of our lives are being influenced by this new communication medium. Imagine an invention so pervasive that it influences our economy, our communication, our social life, our education and research, our workplace, our entertainment and so many other aspects of our lives. The Information Age truly is a Renaissance for human society.

It is inconceivable that the original scientists behind ARPANET could have imagined the enormous impact their invention would have on the world. Never before have we been able to communicate so quickly across multiple time zones at the speed of the Internet. The convenience of being able to talk to people around the world and share information without the costs of long distance will surely have a huge impact on the global society.
Imagine how our image of the world has changed. Before, many people viewed the world as one separated by walls. It was a world of East vs.West, North vs. South, but this view is changing. Now we are a global society completely connected, and integrated by millions of kilometers of wires, satellite communications, and radio waves. Our economies are evolving into ones which are successful based on the level of inter-connectedness we possess. While this still has problems associated with it, its potential is enormous.

If we are to survive and find success in this new information-based economy, we must be aware of how to use the Internet.

Information Technology 12 builds on the skills of Information Technology 11 by introducing Cascading Style Sheets, DHTML, Javascript, as well as protocols, education, and work opportunities associated with the Internet.

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Understanding the World Wide Web Global Internet Stats Top E-Commerce Companies Search Engines Finding Information Quickly On the Internet
HTML Basics Form Examples HTML Guide Creating WEB Graphics Style Sheets
Internet Trends An Atlas of Cyberspace Job Info ISP Providers Free Email
Webmaster's Guide Get Tech Help at CNET Excellent Computer Books Are you new to the Net? Web Search
CNET Web Graphics Facts and Tutorials An Introduction to XML Useful Technology Links Learn XML
Learn XSL Learn DTD Learn SOAP Learn VB Script Learn ASP
Learn SQL The Future of the Internet Who is Using the Internet? Internet Hoaxes Computer and Internet History

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